Monday, August 1, 2016

Well hello there!

If you are reading this blog, chances are you know me.  But do you really know me?  Hmm...
Well just in case you don't let me tell you a bit about me.  I am married to James, the love of my life (please don't tell my magnetic polishes that they are really second in line.  They may rebel and since my regular polishes seem to be upset with me over them I would be up a creek without a paddle).  I am the mother of Jennifer and Chris (technically my son-in-law but who cares) and I am grandmother to Trenton and Craig.
Up until 18 months ago I had a 25 year career in blood banking, working with patients and donors and saving lives every day.  I was the "go to girl" for just about everything.  But life (and God) had different plans for me.
January 27, 2015 I was laid off.  For most people that would be devastating.  However for me it was a God send.  My health had been declining and I knew I was going to have to apply for disability soon.  I was holding out until March that year when my boss was due to retire. It was getting harder and harder to come to work each day.  With the layoff came some benefits that would take me until my disability was approved. 
So now I am retired.  Now what?  My mom was living with me and I was taking care of her.  Or was she taking care of me?  My daughter said it was the blind leading the blind.  Then about August last year Mom took a turn for the worse.  In October she went into hospice and left us as an angel on November 1.
Again, now what?  My friends and family said "get a hobby".  My health wouldn't allow me to do anything requiring a lot of standing or walking.  My breathing was not good and at times I require oxygen.  So I was limited.  I was always a "princess".  I liked having my hair, nails and feet done.  I had dabbled in some simple nail art.
So in January I started watching some YouTube videos and purchased a few nail art supplies.  I learned a lot of new terms: gradients, fan brush technique, nail stamping, water marbling (grr!) and pond mani.  My daughter (eyes rolling and lots of sighing) helped me get on Instagram.  I joined in on some nail challenges.  If I didn't know how to do it I Google'd it.  Google and YouTube became my closest "friends".
Soon I was driving everyone around me crazy.  I talked nails.  Did I say I talked nails?  I meant I obsessed about nails.  I had been posting my pictures of my nails on Facebook but soon it became too much for some.  Questions like "why do you paint your nails so much" and "why do you just do one hand" were common.
But on Instagram I found people just like me. People who loved nails.  People who supported my love and my art.  People I could learn from.  Some people, I found out, were just like me.  Retired or disabled, just trying to find their way in the world again.
I can truly say my nail art skills have grown.  I still have much to learn.  My newest love is magnetic polishes.  They are amazing.  I am having a great time pushing the limits with them and seeing what they can really do.
So there it is.  The end of my explanation of who I am.  Uh, well, there is one more thing.  One more itty bitty nail witch thing...
You may be wondering why my blog is named "Itty Bitty Nail Witch".  You see I am a large woman, but a very short woman.  I had the joy of visiting my local ER a week ago (all is good).  I was sitting in a chair and when the evening nurse came to help me transfer to a wheelchair so I could leave, she had no idea how short I was.  When I stood up she said "I wasn't expecting that. You are itty bitty!".  I have been called many things but Itty Bitty wasn't one of them.  So I decided that is my new nickname.  And since I have always dreamed of being a nail witch, well...Itty Bitty Nail Witch was born.
If you have gotten this far, I encourage you to follow me.  My Instagram info is on the right side of this blog.  I plan on sharing lots of nail info and pictures.  Nail fails and nail successes.  New (to me) techniques and new polishes and tools.
Now, let's go do our nails!


  1. Love the blog, I think I smiled the whole time while I read it. My family also doesn't understand my nail addiction so like you I was excited to find people just like me. I look forward to seeing more!

  2. I can't wait for more in your blog! You are a great writer and my love of the "Itty Bitty Nail Witch" and her wisdom of nail art leave me begging for more!! So excited for you!

    Lots of Love and best wishes to you!

  3. Love it. Congrats on the blog. An addition to the art you love so much. You had me smiling throughout. Glad to have met you too!!! 😘 Becky

  4. Absolutely in love with your blog!!!! You're amazing, Donna!!! Much love! -Ashley-