Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm late! I'm late!

Well so much for my Tuesday/Friday posting schedule.  This wickedly bad virus attacked me.  It pretended to be strep throat so I gulped down these horse pills for 5 days only to find it was a virus and not strep.  Doctor says it could last another 3-5 days.  I am definitely not up to the energy of doing my nails (or even caring for them much. If you could see them you would shake your head).  But hopefully I am up to writing this post.  I haven't had my head out of bed much here lately so let's see!
Ok on with the nail show!  I will continue reviewing the Bow polishes.  Let's start with Divide and Conquer.

Pinky and index finger are done over black.  As previously done I painted the base color on and while still wet I did a light coat of the Divide and Conquer.  I followed this while everything was still wet with a side to side (horizontally) heavier coat. I applied the magnet horizontally and then vertically for about 3-5 seconds.  After that dried I applied a layer of the top coat and the magnet the same.
The ring finger is done over white.  This picture is about my 3rd try on it.  While painting over the black while wet gives a nice effect, the white color "takes over" while wet and isn't as pretty.  I found giving it about a minute or two to dry helps.  The middle finger is with a clear base and I really like the marbling effect I got.
Here is the thumb over white done in the same manner. 
Now let's talk about my favorite color, Motivation!
Here I applied Motivation over black on all four nails.  On the pinky and index finger I applied in a diagonal method (all other steps the same).  On the ring and middle finger I did a horizontal method.  I don't know which I like better.  The are all so beautiful.

Here on the thumb I did a white base and a horizontal method.  Beautiful but not quite as dramatic as with the black.
As much as I don't want to, let's talk about Reboot.
Beautiful, huh?  A pain in the rear to work with.  Formula is thick. Gloppy.  Bubbles abound (as does vodka when you are through).
I contacted Color4Nails to see if this is a formula issue or if I just got a bad batch.  They sent an email to Dance Legend.  It has been a week and I haven't heard anything.  I will follow up with you.
To end on a good note, I wanted to share with you some dry marbling I did with these polishes.  I was inspired again by @de_briz (when does inspired become stalking...?)

The first is done over Motivation over black.  The second is done over Sirens over a clear base.  The jury is still out on which one I like better.
Ok I have now used all my energy.  But it felt good to do something productive.  Hopefully I will have another post for you on Friday.
Until then, have fun and go do your nails!

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  1. All of these manis are so pretty. The magnetic polish seems to be so hypnotizing, I see why you like them so much. Divide and Conquer is my favorite!