Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review of Kleancolor Duochrome 3D polishes

Whew! What a bumpy ride!  As many of you know about 4 weeks ago I was sick with some sort of virus.  It just about did me in.  I thought I was much better 2 weeks ago only to have new symptoms appear.  Exhaustion was the biggest issue.
However, fingers crossed I really think I am almost well.  That being said, it has been FOREVER since I blogged.  I missed it and I missed your comments. So let's get this party started!
Today I am going to do a review of some Kleancolor DuoChrome 3D polishes I picked up cheap on Amazon.
They are beautiful in the bottle.  I primarily got them to use for stamping.  I have not used them for that purpose yet and after swatching them as regular nail polish I am a little hesitant as to whether they will do the job.  I will let you know the results at a later time.
When I opened the first bottle I was met with an odor.  It was not very pleasant.  The smell was not like your typical "nail polish" smell but rather a strong chemical smell.  That occurred with each bottle.  I will say that I broke up the swatching on two different days.  The second day I didn't notice the smell as strong as the first day so maybe that first try my nose was a little sensitive.
Let's start with Diva/Tomboy.

At first glance in the bottle I could see the duochrome.  It was a purple into a greenish color.  However, when I put it on my nails it did not have that effect.  The purple color came through.  It is a jelly polish and this one required two moderate coats to get coverage. While I was taking pictures I noticed the tip of my forefinger was a little sheer so it probably could have used a third coat.
With all of these polishes I noticed they "pooled" on one side or another.  Despite several different attempts using more or less polish and different stroking techniques they all tended to pull to one side or another.
I do love this color despite it not having the 3D effect promised.
The next color I will talk about is Bold/Classic.

This color in the bottle had a brownish purple look to it.  As you can see the purple did not pick up in the swatch.  It is not quite brown.  I am not sure what color to call this.  It took 2 moderate coats to cover.  Again, I like this color despite not having the effect I expected.
The next color will be Wicked/Angelic.

This color lived up to it's promises.  As you can see in the bottle it has a rose/greenish look and that came across on my nails.  You can see the green especially on my tips.  This jelly polish would be excellent for a pond mani. The moment I put on the first coat, pond mani came to mind.  With each additional coat that thought became clearer. This is with three moderate coats.  You could probably get away with two more coats for total coverage. I loved this color. *Note to self: Find an image to try a pond mani with.
Next we will look at Bright/Moody.

This color is between an dark blue and a purple.  I couldn't decide what colors I was picking up in the bottle. However I loved this color.  Rich and dark.  This is two moderate coats.  While it did need two coats this polish definitely had more coverage than the others.  It also didn't pool to the sides as much. When I received this polish the cap was not on tight.  It may have been exposed to air and therefore is a thicker consistency.
Let's look at Flirty/Innocent.

 Can I say love at first stroke?  In the bottle it has a pink into gold look.  On the nails it is a beautiful dark pink.  You can see a shimmer of the gold if you hold your fingers just right.  This was three moderate coats.  I can see this being used as a stamping polish over a dark color, maybe over black.  Hmm...I will have to check into that.
Finally I bring you Vampy/Girly

This is a gold red in the bottle and a burnished red on my nails.  I truly love this color.  It went on well with two moderate coats.  While not a "Christmas red" I can see me using this during the holidays.
This brings to a close my review of the Kleancolor Duochrome 3D polishes.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing the swatches and reading my review.
I plan on keeping with my original plan of blogging every Tuesday and Friday. 
During my illness my nail care went awry.  Most of the time I didn't care due to being so sick.  At other times I noticed things like dry cuticles and rough hands.  It made me wonder "what do your nails say about your health?".
I have done some research and was amazed to find that your hands and nails can speak volumes about your general health.  My next post will explore some of those issues.
Until then, paint those nails!