Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Art is art

Once upon a time I was a cross stitcher.  An avid cross stitcher.  I even hosted a blog that brought people from all over the world together to stitch projects to raise money for Relay For Life with ACS.
But I digress...
When I used to cross stitch I had three favorite times in the life of a project.  The first was when I pulled together all the threads and fabric for a new project.  I would lay the threads across the fabric and imagine what it would look like in the design.  The second was the first time I actually put a stitch in the fabric. It was almost orgasmic. I loved that first stitch.  I would admire it for a few minutes before going on.  The third was when the project was complete in all it's glory.  All the rest in between was just, well, stitching.  Which is good but not like the first three.
Nail art is like cross stitching, just more temporary.  When I first plan a project, I lay out all my polishes for it.  Sometimes I will lay out several shades of each one, imagining how they will all work together.  Then comes the first stroke of polish.  Whether it is a base of white or black or if it is actual color it is joyful.  I can see how the polish flows on my nail, whether it is opaque or doesn't quite cover.  And finally, the finished project.  When I take 128 shots trying to get the perfect picture, the one that shows the colors and the design in all it's glory.  I have been known to stand outside, waving my hand in the air in the cold or grabbing a piece of my basil plant in the hot as hell Texas heat.  I have held bottles, flowers, my husband's hand trying to get the right pose.  I have purchased cheap and not so cheap rings to highlight my art. I have developed a love/hate relationship with my phone camera.
My point is that whether it's cross stitch, painting on canvas, sculpting or nail art, art is art.  We pour our creative souls into our projects. We crave admiration for our project. We even want creative criticism. We strive to develop our talents and learn more techniques.  We admire those artists that sometimes have skills we only hope to achieve at some time in our life.
Art is art.  Don't worry about those who don't understand.  Instead go to those who share our love.
Now go paint those nails.


  1. I agree, art is art, no matter what form it's done in. I too take pride in my work and there's no feeling like no other when your vision becomes a reality. Great read!

  2. Love this! Yes art is art and so much fun! Great post!!

  3. How perfectly true this is. And, not to mention beautifully written. I find art in much of my "everyday" life. Whether it be my nails, the strange sketches I do from time to time, the theatre productions I act in, or even just the encounters I have with other people on any given day. And since finding you and your love of nails....I have found an art that I didn't know could be so profound. The art of friendship founded in a common interest and nurtured by one another no matter how far apart we may be in this world. Thank you for that, Donna. Much love, -Ashley-